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Are You With A Psychopath? Take This Test To Confirm It

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Psychopaths display a particular set of patterns in their relationships.  This thirteen question test can help you (or a friend) determine if you might be dating a toxic person.
For each question, add the corresponding answer number to your total score.  For example, if you answer (1) to the first question and (4) to the second question, you have a total of 5 points so far.  Then at the end, see which range your final score falls into.
Let’s Begin!

A.  Does This Person Keep Their Promises?

1.   Yes, of course.  Whenever my partner makes a promise, I can be confident that they will follow through on it.

2.  Sure, they usually keep their promises and their behavior aligns pretty closely with their words.

3.  Sometimes.  They’re not very dependable, but they’ll follow through on their words occasionally.

4.  No, their actions never seem to match up with their sweeping words.  I’ve mostly learned not to point it out; otherwise I seem sensitive and crazy.


B.  Does your partner Seem To Understand Your Feelings?

1. They’re very empathetic and compassionate!  They always seem to understand where I’m coming from.  If I ever bring up concerns, I know they’ll listen and understand.

2.  Not really, but it’s always been this way.  Even early on in the relationship, they were never especially caring.  They can be pretty self-centered, but they’re usually there for me if I really need the help.

3.  They’re empathetic enough, and I don’t need anything more

4.  Not anymore.  I find myself desperately trying to explain how they might feel if they were in my shoes, but that just seems to annoy them.  Or they give me the silent treatment.  It makes me feel crazy


C.  Can this person be hypocritical?

1. They have never been hypocritical and they do not judge me for my mistakes.

2.  If they are, I haven’t noticed.  We’re human after all.

3.  At times, but they’re able to admit fault when it’s pointed out.

4.  They seem to have extremely high expectations of me, but they behave as if those same standards don’t apply to them.


D.  Do they ever lie?

1. No, they would never lie to me.

2. No more so than any person.  White lies happen sometimes.

3.  They lie every once in a while, but it doesn’t seem malicious or intentional.  If caught, they seem embarrassed and uncomfortable.

4.  Yes, and nothing ever seems to be their fault.  There’s always an excuse for everything, even things that don’t require excusing.

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